Léonie Schäfer



Dr. Léonie Schäfer is one of the two project managers of the EaPConnect project. She is also Senior Manager Global Liaison at DFN, the German national research and education network, where she is responsible for coordinating the DFN contribution to international projects and joint developments. 

Léonie previously spent several years in science, conducting her own research before becoming responsible for managing EU research projects. She served as Scientific Officer at the EU Commission, DG Information Society & Media, and was seconded as National Expert by the Fraunhofer Society. In the unit 'Future & Emerging Technologies' she dealt with innovation policies, new research trends and emerging research communities in respect to ICT-related technologies.

Léonie was co-organiser of several workshops at international conferences and a member of a number of conference and programme committees. Leonie graduated and received her PhD in Computer Science from the Technical University of Berlin.

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