Why EYR@EaP?


Enlighten Your Research (EYR) is an internationally renowned programme to encourage collaboration between researchers using specialised IT and network services. The Eastern Partnership (EaP) is implementing this programme in 2018 for the third time.


EYR@EaP is organised within EaPConnect in collaboration with a number of National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) in Europe. It identifies research projects that could significantly benefit from enhanced or even global network connectivity.


EYR@EaP aims to foster international collaboration with the objective to accelerate the research and discovery process.


To further promote the benefit of networking, we are challenging researchers to stretch the boundaries of their science in collaborating with research communities in other countries. We invite teams from the EaP and their partner countries to perform experiments with a high demand on the NREN’s network infrastructure, its services and support.


Seven winning projects awarded this year:

  • Deep Learning Applications For Big Medical Image Archives: Detection Of Diseases And Generation Of Artificial Images / Vitali Liauchuk, Biomedical Image Analysis Department, United Institute Of Informatics Problems, Minsk, Belarus     

  • Belarusian WLCG computing facility BY-NCPHEP for research in High Energy Physics / Vitaly Yermolchyk, Institute for Nuclear Problems of Belarusian State University

  • Development of a parallel algorithm ILST for the iterative reconstruction of 3D image based on the MPI systemZolotarev Sergei AlekseevichInstitute of Applied Physics of NAS of Belarus

  • Finding EEG biomarkers of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), epilepsy  in clinical settings using neuroinformatics Irma KhachidzeCaucasus University, Georgia

  • Development of educational programs for different target groups of population on environmental management based on the EU environmental Directives /  Dumitru DrumeaNGO "ECOSTREGII”, Moldova

  • Creating A Unified Database Of Well Logs Studying Of Oil And Gas Deposits In AzerbaijanHasanov Adalat BadalAzerbaijan State Oil And Industry University

  •  MIRCO: Music Instruments Renewal via Contemporary Creation / Paolo GirolEstonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Slides (pdf)


For more information, please visit: https://www.eapconnect.eu/research/

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