​Octavian Rusu 

Agency ARNIEC/RoEduNet 

Octavian Rusu is regional manager (former General Manager) of the Romanian NREN RoEduNet and Associate Professor at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iasi, Romania, (selected courses: Computer Networks, Operation Systems, Network Security and UNIX). Since 1996 he has also managed the Digital Communications Department responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of the university’s campus computer and telephony network.


Octavian has been involved in a number of national and international projects, including co-director for three NATO grants: Consolidation of Romanian Education Network in N-E of Romania, RENAM-RoEduNet networks direct link and gateway construction, and Radio Link Connection from RoEduNet and RENAM; WP or national leader in a number of EU-funded projects: SEEREN, SEEREN 2, SEEFire, GN2, GN3, GN4, DANUBIUS-PP and coordinator of CEENGINE. He was responsible for negotiation, planning and implementation of the DWDM national network for the Romanian NREN.

Octavian has a PhD in Electronic Physics.

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