Session Chair:  Maria Minaricova (GÉANT)
"Brain inspired computing - Where we are and where we will go" 
Presenter: Karlheinz Meier (Universität Heidelberg)

The Human Brain Project (HBP) is a flagship project co-sponsorered by the European Commission with the the goal to connect modern ICT with a key scientific challenge of the 21st century : Understanding the Human Brain.


At the core of the project is the construction and operation of 6 platforms forming a unified European Infrastructure for Brain Research. The Infrastructure uses and develops ICT based methods for the handling and analysis of neuroscience and medical data, for brain simulation and for novel brain based technologies in neuromorphic computing and neurorobotics.


The lecture will deliver an overview of the HBP and then focus on the concepts, achievements and future plans of brain inspired or neuromorphic computing. This novel technology offers a fundamentally new approach to understanding multiple temporal scales in brain information processing and and promises advances in artificial intelligence by using a more biology motivated approach.

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