Session 7  "Lightning Talks"

Session Chair: Vugar Musayev (AzScienceNet)

Social Entrepreneurship Incubator is a multicomponent programme aiming at empowering aspiring social entrepreneurs in Belarus by proving expertise and tailor-made training designed by Belarusian and international practitioners.

Social Entrepreneurship Incubator for Social Good

Presenter: Alyona Lis (ODB Brussels)

Most educational institutions use the benefits of e-learning. Video is mostly used as recorded video and the production costs are quite high as a camera team is needed. The process of doing a order for a camera team and get the costs confirmed often prevents lecturers form using the quite motivative media video.

360°virtual reality live streaming based real motivative learning environment

Presenter: Fax Quintus (i-mmersive)


Presenter: Ivo Reints (SURFnet)

In the current environment of the information society the multimedia techniques broadcasting culture knowledge become relevant. In the global information space it is presented a large variety of technologies and means of culture and art samples visual display.

Computer visualization of architectural monument of Belarus on the basis of 3D-modeling

Presenter: Dmitry Pradun, Katherine Medik (UIIP - NAS)

Switches – routers in disguise: Software router acceleration using OpenFlow hardware

Presenter: Norbertas Kremeris (LITNET)

Poster Presentation:
Custom Audio Guide for online and offline distriburion

Presenter: Hanna Stanislavenka (UIIP NAS Belarus)

The Minddrone demo is not only a technical demo (Wi-Fi, Bleutooth, drone-tech, software, algorithms, BCI and low latency networks) it is foremost a demo to discuss the social impact of technology in general and think about what is possible, what we actually want and how that may work out for all of us!

Our proposed open-source and innovative solution suggests using a Linux server/router based on commodity x86 hardware, together with OpenFlow switches and Sflow statistics to offoad most of the workload from the software router to OpenFlow capable hardware. This creates a platform where hardware can be upgraded independently of the software.

Custom Audio Guide is a navigation multilingual system for online or offline data distribution that can be adopted by users for any type of audio guide application: for exhibitions, museums, cities, countries, sport complexes, gardens, etc.

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