Session 10 "Workshops"

Digitising Cultural Heritage
Workshop Chair: Tomasz Parkola (PSNC)

Digitization is an ongoing effort in cultural heritage, science and business. Books, articles, technical documentation, newspapers, reports, postcards, photos, testimonies, manuscripts and other assets are more and more accessible in the digital environment. Digitization itself covers various activities from selection of physical objects to successful preservation of their digital representation. It can include activities such as scanning, data analysis, quality assurance, storage or online accessibility. Each activity in digitization workflow has its own challenges and problems which can be general (applicable for many cases, e.g. quality assurance) or specific (applicable in certain setup, e.g. OCR of specific type of document).

In the course of the Digitizing Cultural Heritage workshop participants will learn about the tools and resources that are used to improve digitisation practices in Polish cultural heritage institutions. Participants unfamiliar with digitization will have an opportunity to learn digitization process basics and understand current challenges. Experts will have an opportunity to discuss digitization approach in Poland and investigate new options to improve their work.

Research Data  Management
Workshop Chair: Peter Löwe (DIW)

Research Data Management (RDM) is a critical enabling technology for many aspects of Open Science, including Open Peer Review, Open Access, Open Data and Open Source. In practice, the impact of RDM on science is profound:  RDM is currently being established as a prerequisite by funding agencies to apply for research grants. Is is a requirement of a growing number of journal publishers to make data available, which underly publications. RDM allows researchers to increase their visibility by enabling additional data citation.

In the age of big data, RDM poses challenges on multiple levels, ranging from guidance for individual researchers, new infrastructures for research institutions to technology strategies for data centers. This workshop reaches out to policy makers, researchers, students, and experts for research and education to discuss the facets of RDM, to share their experiences and to develop solutions for existing challenges.

Artificial Intelligence as Open Science: from Research to Business
Workshop Chair: Vassili Kovalev (UIIP - Belarus National Academy of Sciences)




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